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Chizuru Aizawa (相沢 千鶴, Aizawa Chizuru) is the proud owner and manager of the Lemon Beach House. She is Eiko Aizawa and Takeru Aizawa's eldest sister.


She has long, navy blue hair which reaches up to her waist and bangs across her forehead. Her eyes, which are rarely seen "open", are the same shade as her hair. She wears the standard Lemon Beach House uniform and is shown smiling in most of her appearances.

Whenever she is angry, she 'opens' her eyes, usually to freak out or intimidate the person(or squid) she is angry at. 


Chizuru's personality is usually quiet and reserved. She is usually seen with a smile and takes a lot of situations on stride. However, if something occurs which she does not agree with, Chizuru can become very terrifying and creepy. During these moments of rage, Chizuru is shown to have a menacing aura coupled with a very dark mindset towards anyone unfortunate enough to make her mad. Chizuru's desire is to make the Lemon Beach House as successful as it can be and likes to use Squid Girl's many talents in order to reach this goal.


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Mad Chizuru

  • Her first name, Chizuru, means "a thousand cranes" in Japanese.
  • She seems to treat Squid Girl as some sort of pet.
  • she also is very sensitive when it comes to talking about her weight
  • She is described by Ayumi as 'not human'
  • She has a complete soldier uniform as shown in manga Chapter 91 and likes soldiers.
  • She is considered to be a Yangire. This is probably due to a trauma that has must of happened in the family.

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